Sponsor an Orphan

First: Definition of sponsorship

Sponsorship Language: Taken from a sponsor, including saying: I have taken care of the thing, if obliged myself.

Orphan sponsorship goals

The upbringing of the orphan Islamic upbringing in order to achieve family cohesion and social solidarity.
– Providing moral and material care to the orphan from the loss of his breadwinner until completing his education or vocational training and preparing him to face life.
– Providing assistance to face the problems facing the stability of the orphan’s life.
Providing social and health care and services within his natural environment and achieving psychological and physical satisfaction.
Disbursement of various subsidies of clothing, food and tools.

Providing care and all orphan needs through accommodation.

How to participate in orphan sponsorship

The person must guarantee one or more orphans by paying the sponsorship monthly or annually to the association

_ The sponsor can identify the conditions of the orphan by looking at the follow-up report and messages of thanks if he wishes to do so.

Care for the orphan within his natural family or within the Institute.

– The warranty period is one year for the orphan with the possibility of renewal.

The bail amount can be paid monthly, quarterly, six months or annually.

Types of Warranty:

1. Sponsorship of an orphan within the association: the amount of (50) dollars per month per orphan.

It is the participation of more than one person in the sponsorship of one orphan without the allocation of an orphan, and the desire of the Assembly to open the door of good for all, each according to his ability and ability and disposed of within the Assembly.

Sponsorship and Savings Contribution: The guarantee value is $ 70 per month.
The amount is distributed as follows: $ 20 savings + $ 50 bond contribution

Sponsorship and savings contribution: $ 100 per month
The amount is distributed as follows: $ 50 savings + $ 50 bond contribution

We at the Amal Institute for Orphans and in order to ensure the future of children has opened a sponsorship contribution program with savings so that an account is opened for the orphan and deposit the value of the deposit in a bank account in the name of the orphan is not allowed to act only through the orphan itself after reaching 18 years

Public donation: as desired.
 Orphans within the association need many services that are covered by unallocated charity. These services include laundry, transportation, hygiene, electricity, water, etc. Which are considered the basics of life.


1. Capacity building: It is to ensure orphans distinguished academic and behavioral to encourage them and urge others to scientific and behavioral excellence and acted within the institution as incentive awards and provide all educational needs.

 2. Supporting Education

 In order to raise the level of educational attainment for children and to obtain the highest grades, we provide them with programs of reinforcement classes in basic educational subjects (mathematics, Arabic, English, and technology) under the supervision of specialized teachers in these subjects according to a schedule.

3. Orphan clothing:

 As in every home, the child needs clothes continuously as his body grows and the clothes are consumed as a result of play and movement. In addition to the above, the holiday seasons and the start of the school year require many preparations, including the new cladding.

4. Providing food and health screening for orphans inside the shelter:

The inner house is considered by Al-Amal Institute in Gaza as the alternative house for the orphan son, where he provides him with food and drink, distributed over three breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The society is keen to provide the best types of food and drink, according to a weekly dietary table prepared by those in charge of the house and the food is prepared and cooked by an expert in the field of cooking and can provide my brother Kafel meat meat and vows and sacrifices or the price if you want to the Assembly.

Daily Expenses and Transportation:
The orphan child receives a daily allowance commensurate with his / her education, in order to feel equal with his fellow students in school. Where he can buy what he craves or save as well as Eidia is spent for children during the holidays and transportation fare back and forth to their parents’ homes at the end of the week.

  School trips and entertainment:
We hope to draw a smile on the faces of orphaned children and keep them away from boredom.

7. School stationery:

The association works to provide all school supplies for orphan students like any other classmates, often school bags, uniforms, stationery, books, notebooks and various school tools.


We at the Amal Institute for Orphans are keen to secure the future of children has been opened a sponsorship contribution program with savings so that an account is opened for the orphan and deposit the value of the deposit in a bank account in the name of the orphan is not allowed to be disposed of only through the orphan itself after reaching 18 years