Strategic goals and objectives

strategic goals

Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Institute through this objective, and through the axis of sustainability and efficiency of administrative processes, the Institute seeks to promote and develop what includes a comprehensive modernization of all administrative systems, including internal work systems, improve the efficiency of operations and develop the effectiveness of human resources, and the ability to optimize the investment of all available resources to develop Qualitative in the performance of the Institute’s work to achieve sustainability.

With the same objective, the Institute aims to ensure financial stability through the effective management of self-resources, the ability to write project proposals, implement more projects and attract new funders to ensure financial stability to cover the Institute’s operating expenses and develop the physical environment, and the ability to provide quality services.

Improving the quality of services and access The Institute seeks through this goal to improve and develop the services provided while working to ensure access to those who deserve, and under this goal has two strategic axes, namely:

The comprehensive services axis, which aims to change and develop the services provided, and expand the target group to include social orphan children in addition to the main category of orphans.

In adition to seeking to be a center for the provision of services to the target groups, which can be on a daily basis as needed and the availability of funding, the Institute also looks forward to raising the level of services provided to families ranging from educational and awareness services to economic empowerment, as the Institute seeks to develop in the services provided to children to reach the level of quality, diversity, and comprehensiveness of all needs “health, educational, psychological support and counseling, recreational, legal and financial support”.

The Institute also aspires to build a generation capable of serving itself and positive interaction with the community, through building educational and value frameworks to refine the behavior of orphans, and diversify the scientific and technical skills provided to them according to their needs and inclinations, and enhance their interaction with the community through the development of life skills and qualify them to play leadership roles and positive impact in the society.

The Institute seeks to expand its circle of foreign relations and build new relationships with all institutions and agencies working in the same jurisdiction and focus on the development of these relations and invest them effectively in a fruitful manner.

The Institute will endeavor to advocate for orphans’ issues and rights, implement activities and events to promote orphan issues, raise awareness of the segments of society about their issues and needs, as well as increase their positive impact on the culture of society and their perception of the institute and demonstrate its active and continuous presence in community activities and events and enhance the level of services provided to the community and provide resources To serve the Institute and involve its stakeholders in the development of the Institute’s performance.